When you have cancer act as if there is no tomorrow, believe you will live forever; focus on your life not on the disease

Daniel Weber, PhD M.Sc.






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This web site is purely for research and the dissemination of information on Traditional Medicine / Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TM-CAM) compounds, which may be useful in the treatment of various solid tumours. It does not suggest cancer treatments nor does it suggest a cure for cancer but offers information and research, which may aid cancer suffers find adjunct approaches to conventional cancer therapies. In China and in the US , many hospitals offer both conventional and caM therapies. All patients are strongly recommended to discuss TM-CAM use with their Medical Doctor, Oncologist and/or Surgeon as well as their qualified TM-CAM practitioner. It is my hope this site brings about a better communication between conventional and TM-CAM practitioners and an increased use of non-standard compounds.

About Daniel Weber

Daniel Weber is one of the pioneers in complementary medicine. He began his studies in 1969, in Boston with Shizuko Yamamoto and Noburo Murumoto, and then studied with J. R. Worsley and J. D. van Buren in the UK from 1974 before receiving his BAc. In 1976 Daniel went to Japan and studied with Dr. Masahiro Oki.
Daniel has studied in China from 1984, visiting more than a dozen times with numerous awards and an honorary Professorship as well as being an advisor to Hangzhou TCM Institute in Hangzhou, China. He did his TCM residency at Shu Guang Hospital Shanghai, China in 1988 and has a Master of Health Science (Aust) and is completing his research Doctorate, a DSc in integrative oncology.

In addition to his eclectic studies in complementary medicine, Daniel has a postgraduate diploma in Somatic Psychotherapy as well as in Adult Education. He is a registered psychotherapist (MPACFA).
Daniel is not just an academic but also a committed clinician, innovator and educator: he has been in practice in Sydney Australia since 1977 and created the first English language database for Chinese herbal medicine in 1992, for which he was awarded his PhD. This database was awarded 'Innovations in Australian Design' and put on exhibit in the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.
Stemming from his work in complimentary cancer treatments Daniel recently authored ‘Introduction to Integrative Oncology; Herbs, Compounds and supplements in the Cancer Clinic’ and ‘Dui Yao, The Art of Formula Construction’. His forthcoming book, ‘The Seven Stochastic Events of Cancer’ will be available in early 2010.
Daniel is committed to creating a dialogue between all types of health care professionals. His site has ongoing research and articles of interest on complementary cancer treatments.